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Making jewellery with polymer clay and wire

I have been using copper and brass wire in my polymer jewellery recently.
I had some scrap wire that I had bent wrong when learning to make wire bails, so with my recycling head on, I thought I would use it in some pendants, and brooches. I re bent the wire into organic shapes, hammered it flat and pressed it into the clay.

I have also been trying out ways of attaching pieces to each other with wire, and had another go at bail making (the piece that attaches the pendant to a cord or wire)

Like most( creative) things, the more I played, the more ideas I had, and the more I learned.
It will be interesting to see what else I come up with using wire and clay.

I’ll keep you posted !


Sketching challenge – Pegs

sketch book weekly 007

When I was deciding which of the 5 sketches to follow-up, I discarded my page of pegs at first.They looked rather pathetic, and I couldn’t see me being able to do anything with them.

However, I must have felt I needed a challenge as I ended up choosing the pegs for the same reason I had discarded them.

I doodled and cut out some peg shapes in coloured paper, and they looked like possible pendant shapes, so I decided to play with my polymer clay, and make some peg inspired jewellery .

pegs 007

pegs 019

I was so happy to be using my polymer clay again, that I got a bit carried away mixing colours and making simple canes.
I wasn’t really sure what direction I was going in, and after most of the morning had gone, I was no where nearer to having any definite idea in mind.
After rolling some thin slices of my canes into some green clay I had some nice patterned clay, and after pressing some left over curtain tape into it, it looked like fabric.

I liked the link between a peg and fabric and so used it to make a peg shape along with some textured gold clay, and made a brass bail based on a peg spring .

I then made some other bits and pieces with the remaining clay, which was not peg inspired

I made a second peg pendant using my left over clay, which when mixed together was a sludgy olive colour. I textured it, brushed some eyeshadow on to bring out the texture, added some silver and gold bits to give it a more man-made feel, and finished it with another peg spring bail.

They look a bit rough and ready as I have not sanded and tidied up the edges, but hopefully you get the general idea.

I am not over the moon with these two pieces, but they are a good starting point. They have given me some ideas on playing around with pendant shapes, and on trying out more fabric effects with the clay.
It also showed me that ideas can come from an unlikely start.

Enjoy your week-end.

Sketching and crafting on hold for 2 weeks !

saturday 1 008

I wasn’t sure last week whether I would have time to continue my daily sketches this week, as my parents are here on holiday.
Today is the first time I have even managed to switch on my lap top in the last 5 days, and so the answer is no I won’t!
My sketching challenge will start again after their holiday.

I finished off a few polymer clay pendants, and earrings, with wires, bails and cords before they arrived, but the next two weeks looks like it is going to be filled with sight-seeing, picnics and enjoying the sunny weather( I know it’s a hard life ! )

All crafting is on hold, until 15th July.
In the meantime here are my latest finished polymer clay pendants

My week in photos

I have been busy experimenting and making with my Polymer clay all week. Rather than write anything I’ll just show you what I have been doing ..if you want to know more then ask away.