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Get busy crafting, or get busy blogging ….

After my last post , I was pretty busy getting everything ready for my exhibition which started on July 1st, and did not have time to write.
Everything was ready in time , and I was satisfied with how it looked for my first show.

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I was also pleased that it started before my parents arrived on the 4th July, as once they arrived all making and creating ( and blogging) came to a stand still.

exhibition gois 2014 009

My workroom has been my bedroom for the last few weeks, but today it is back to being a work room again. I am looking forward to getting back in there tomorrow.

Since my last post I have started a Facebook page called Art & Craft Portugal where I will be posting regular updates on what I am up to. Please take a look by clicking on the Facebook link to the top right hand side of this post. Don’t forget to ” Like” my page whist you’re there.

Please have a look at my Facebook page , and give it a LIKE  . Just click on the link on the to right hand side of this page .

Please have a look at my facebook page , and give it a LIKE . Just click on the link on the right hand side of this page .

Mosaic Revisted – Part 1

Every so often I get the desire to smash tiles, and I started to get the urge a few weeks ago . I have not done any mosaics for a long time, and I fancied mosaicing a table for my terrace, however until I find a suitable old table, that plan is on hold.

So, in the meantime I have been making a house sign.

Here is how it looks so far.
The next step will be to grout it .

My week in photos

I have been busy experimenting and making with my Polymer clay all week. Rather than write anything I’ll just show you what I have been doing ..if you want to know more then ask away.

Mosaic a pot and cheer up your garden ..

My geranium in her new home. My geranium in her new home.

Hopefully from the end of this month until September/ October I should be able to eat outside on my little terrace. Although my vine is getting greener by the day, my terrace is still a little bare, and so the other week I bought a few plants to brighten it up a bit.

As I still had loads of bits of tiles from my wall mosaics, I decided to decorate a dull terracotta pot I had for my geranium, to jazz it up a bit.

It is simple to do, does not need much in the way of equipment, and if you are impatient like me, it can be done in a day.

So why not have a go ?

A pot
An assortment of coloured tiles of a similar thickness (the amount depends on the size of pot)
Some sort of rough sketch or design idea – simple shapes or straight lines can look great
Glue / tile cement)
Grout – (one that will contrast with the coloured tiles)
Varnish or PVA to seal the terracotta pot before mosaicing
Plastic gloves
Paint brush
Tile nippers( optional )
Spatula or old credit card
Dry cloth


First cover the area where you are working with newspapers as it gets a bit messy !

Paint the inside and outside of the pot with varnish or acrylic sealant so that it is not porous. Leave to dry.

Whilst it is drying, smash up your tiles using a hammer. For safety it is best to wear gloves and safety goggles, or wrap the tiles in newspaper.
OR buy small mosaic tiles which don’t need smashing

If your design needs specific shapes, then use a pair of tile nippers for cutting
individual pieces.


Spread tile cement onto the outside of the pot using a spatula, or old credit card a small amount at a time ( about 5cm 2) then press the pieces of mosaic into the cement.
Alternatively you can spread it onto the back of each tile, which takes a bit longer.
If you are using a PVA type glue then paint the back of individual pieces as you stick them on.

Make sure you leave gaps of around 2- 5 mm between tiles, for the grout.

When the glue/cement is semi dry, clean away any that is filling the gaps or is higher than the tiles, as there needs to be space for the grout to surround each piece of tile.
Any small thin tool can be used to clean out the gaps, I use the side of my spatula or a small knife.

Now look at the overall pot and fill any large gaps with small bits of tile, and re glue any that are not firm.

Leave tiles to dry. The length of time depends on the glue used and the temperature.

Mix up tile grout until it is the thickness of whipped cream, and with an old credit card spread it over the tiles, working it in different directions, and pushing it into all the gaps.

I cover about 20cm2 before wiping over the tiles with a damp sponge, pressing and smoothing the grout into the gaps as I go.

Make sure your sponge is not too wet, otherwise the grout will wash out again.

As the grout starts to dry, wipe a dry cloth over the tiles to take off any grout on the tiles. It is important to rub quite hard, as small pieces sometimes become buried under the grout. Take the time to do this well, as once the grout is set it won’t budge !

I love the cleaning part, and seeing the beautiful shiny colours and patterns of the finished pot start to emerge for the first time.

Once the cleaning is finished, wipe it over a few times with a dry cloth, and once the grout is dry ( leave over night if you can ) it is ready to plant.

Hey presto … a lovely colourful pot for your garden or terrace

A busier week …..

This week has been a lot more productive. Here are just a few photos to show you what I have been up to.

In my next post I will explain in more detail how i made the moulded leather camera case.

Enjoy your week-end .