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A quick tutorial – Making textures in polymer clay using a Cuttlebug

This week I have been busy using my cuttlebug machine again. Not for card making this time , but for texturing polymer clay.

I did not want to use the plastic embossing folders with the clay directly , as I wasn’t sure what damage the clay would do to the plastic. Also it would be messy and time-consuming cleaning the clay out afterwards

So this is what I did instead .

I stuck metal tape onto scrap card , and embossed it with an embossing folder

I put conditioned and rolled clay onto the embossed foil

I put greaseproof paper on top of the clay and rolled it with a brayer

And Hey Presto …. textured clay.

Here are a few photos to show you what I mean.

Organising my clear acrylic stamps

One thing I did last week was organise my acrylic stamps. I am not the tidiest of people when I am working, and tend to have far too many things piled up around me. I noticed when I was making cards recently that I wasted so much time rifling through my stamps to find the one I wanted, that I needed some sort of system.

I don’t even have that many stamps (at the moment) so they have been sitting in a plastic container, which is a bad way to keep them.
So here’s what I did .

I did a few internet searches and watched some videos on ways that people use to store their stamps.
Many came from American and mentioned plastic wallets that I could not get here in Portugal . Others used CD / DVD cases, or the packets the stamps came in ( which I had thrown away ) stuck onto cards.
In the end I liked the idea of using polythene pockets, and dividing them up to keep a group of stamps together .

There are several videos showing this idea on You Tube, to give you the idea of what I mean.

I did not have any of the thick plastic pockets they used, so I cut out some pages from an old display book I had hanging around, which worked just as well


1. I cut out some pockets/pages from a display book.

2. I laid out my stamps and grouped them into categories where possible, such as Xmas/ winter , birthdays , flowers/ hearts, words / letters .

3. I put them onto a plastic pocket and drew straight lines to divide the pocket into smaller pockets.

4. With a craft knife I cut along the top edge of each small pocket shape I had drawn ( I put cardboard inside to prevent cutting through the back of the pocket)

5. I sewed the plastic pocket along the lines, dividing the big pocket into smaller pockets.

6. I popped the stamps in their new little pockets, and had a well deserved cuppa !

I’m not sure whether I will put the pockets into a ring binder or I will stand them in a box, but already they are a lot more organised than they were !

Valentines Day cards – Using distress inks

Here are a few of the cards I have been making for Valentines day, using the distress inks I recently bought back from England

 distressed background

distressed background

This card has a distressed background . I used denim blue distress ink on top of red card.Then I used a variety of heart stamps (bought and home-made) to stamp on top . I mounted it on a silver background and then onto Burgundy cardstock

pink grey black

I am not a grey and black person as a rule, but this card is one of my faves.

I used a dirty pink distress dye ( sorry I’m hopeless at remembering colour names) around the edge of an embossed pink heart, .I put strips of grey embossed hearts at the top and bottom of some black cardstock which I stamped with the words LOVE in silver and added the distressed heart and a little silver heart to tie the colours together .

mustard and blue heart

I feel this one has more of a Victorian feel to it
I used a piece of packing card to dye cut a heart, which I embossed with a damask pattern . It really came to life when I distressed it with denim blue & used vintage photo distress ink ( brown) around the edge.
I mounted it on pale blue dot embossed paper, then mustard/ ochre card stock, and used a copperplate type font to add a Portuguese greeting.

burgundy pink heart

This one is another one where I distressed the background and stamped onto it. However it has a totally different look to the first one .
I used denim blue ink to distress a frilly pale blue doily card, onto which I stamped two hearts.
I coloured the hearts in with watercolour pencils in pink shades and used pearly pink liner around the edges. I mounted the doily onto a bigger pink doily and then burgundy cardstock
I added a pink card strip at the bottom embossed with the words With love .

Feel free to copy these ideas …. just don’t forget to mention where you got them from !