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This week I decided to see what I could come up with based on the colors and patterns of the peacock doodles I made .

I was tempted to get out the polymer clay, but resisted, and dug out my lino instead.
Here is what I have been up to .

I am not as happy with the end results this week, but it has me wanting to continue with the peacock theme. I loved all the colours, and fancy making a bigger abstract painting for my wall, based on the colours and shapes. It would be something a bit new for me to try.

It was good to get my lino and cutter out again, and I was pleased I did not take any gouges out of my fingers!.It wasn’t the best day for water based printing ink though, it was 32 degrees today .. HOT ! and it was drying as fast as I could roll it out.

It is still pretty hot out there, so now that my second challenge is complete, I am off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful day with a nice cold drink.


This week has been a difficult week to keep focused on making sketches. I have been flat-out converting half of my work space into a bedroom area, as I have visitors staying with me in 4 days time. Most people make up the bed when visitors stay. I have painted walls and floorboards, made roman blinds, moved a sofa bed from one house to another, and made curtains to divide the room.

If you want to see my speedy bedroom make-over then check out my other blog

I still managed to make my 5 sketches, and found that it was much easier to sit and sketch first thing , before the other activities took over. One day I thought I would sketch once I had finished my DIY , but it didn’t happen, I just could not get myself motivated.
I have not used any of my sketches to produce an end piece yet, but as all my DIY is now done, I am going to spend tomorrow morning to see what I can come up with.

These are this weeks pretty random assortment.

I will post what I come with tomorrow.

My weekly sketching challenge

Last Tuesday I started my sketching challenge. This was to make a sketch in 15 minutes or less for 5 days , and to use at least one of the sketches to make a finished piece by the end of the week.

Here are the sketches I made. The idea was not to get hung up about what the subject was, or what the drawings came out like. It was just to take some time to look at things and draw. I was hoping that something within one of them would spark an idea, that could then be developed further.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

This morning I spent a bit of time looking at them, and decided to follow-up my key sketches.

Here’s what I did next.

Finally, after a lovely morning playing around, this is my finished piece .

 A polymer pendant , printed on with an adigraf stamp , and  colourbox  ink pad.

A polymer pendant , printed on with an adigraf stamp , and colourbox ink pad.

I have not baked it yet, so it will be interesting to see if the colours will stay as bright.( fingers crossed they will)

I am pleased how my first weekly challenge has gone. I have had a busy week with other things happening, and yet by concentrating small amounts of free time every day, I have managed to come up with a new idea, and one that I feel I can develop more.

Lets see if next week works as well.

Sketch book revisited

one of my old sketch books

one of my old sketch books

Several months ago,I decided to try to put aside a minimum of 30 mins a day to sketch. I started off with good intentions, but It fell by the way side pretty quickly, as life got in the way, and I found myself doing other stuff.
Yesterday I was sorting through a few drawers, when I came across some sketch books. After looking through them, I had a few ideas to work with for my polymer clay, and it got me thinking I should try again.

However, I have changed the rules a bit. I am going to do quick 10 – 15 mins sketches 5 days a week, and turn at least one of them into either a piece of polymer jewellery, a card design or a print.( or maybe something else .. )

So I dusted off my sketch book and started with the idea today.

In a weeks time I will post the sketches I made over the 5 days, and show you what I made using one of them.

Day 1  of my new sketching challenge

Day 1 of my new sketching challenge

sketching from a photo I took on my walk though the woods  yesterday

sketching from a photo I took on my walk though the woods yesterday

pastelpolymer 006

As Picasso said ” Inspiration exists , but it has to find us working ”